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Jul 24, 2017

Show Rundown: 

In this week’s episode, we review Christopher Nolan’s new movie, “Dunkirk.” In our second segment Peter Brown from Assignment X and our other podcast Dorking Out About Trailers joins us to talk about - duh - trailers; the trailers from Comic Con - to be more specific. Peter sticks around for our final segment, in which we talk about Sunday night’s episode of Game Of Thrones.


Topic 1: Dunkirk Review and Thoughts on Christopher Nolan

In recent years movies have been discussed in terms of extended universes, reboots and intellectual property which launched a thousand movie tickets. From Hunger Games to Marvel, from Ghostbusters to the upcoming Dark Tower, it seems studios have left the era of director driven films and only think in terms of IP.

One of the very few directors who still stands out as a brand unto himself, as the Spielbergs and Tarantinos did in decades past, is Christopher Nolan. While he did do his time in the comic book mines, by making three of the greatest comic book movies ever made in the Dark Knight trilogy, he’s now thought of as an artistic voice in his own right. From Inception to Interstellar, from The Prestige to this week’s Dunkirk, it seems he’s one of the vanishingly few directors whose name alone can almost guarantee a big opening weekend.

So his latest is Dunkirk, a World War II story about the evacuation of the British and French armies at Dunkirk in one of the darkest moments of the war.


Topic 2: The Trailers Of Comic-Con

If you’re a dork, geek, nerd or spaz, then you know that Comic Con happened last week in San Diego. I’m joking, because, of course, gone are the days when Comic Con was just just for dorks. Every TV show, every movie participates in Comic Con now. It’s the center of everything pop culture, including “Sharknado 5” directed by friend of the podcast Anthony C. Ferrante (shameless plug). Last week, a million trailers came out, and we want to talk about them, so Peter Brown from Assignment X and our other special podcast Dorking Out About Trailers, is joining us to talk about all the buzzy new trailers and whatever news that captured our interest.

Star Trek Discovery

Westworld Season 2

Stranger Things Season 2

Justice League

Thor: Ragnarok

The Defenders

Bright on Netflix

Ready Player One


What We’re Dorking Out About This Week: Game Of Thrones - Season 7 Episode 2, Stormborn with Peter Brown

HBO Synopsys:

Wikipedia Synopsys: At Dragonstone, the Queen's council starts planning the invasion of Westeros. Daenerys sends the dornishmen along the Greyjoy fleet to Sunspear, the Unsullied to Casterly Rock and decides to not move on to King's Landing yet, intending to install a siege instead. Grey Worm and Missandei declare their love for one another, which they consummate before Grey Worm leaves with the Unsullied. There, Cersei has gathered many lords and insisted on fear for the Dragon Queen and why they should support the Lannister crown instead, promising Randyll Tarly the title of Warden of the South. In the Riverlands, Arya meets with Hot Pie, who tells her of Jon being named King in the North. She decides to return to Winterfell, and in the way she is briefly reunited with her long lost direwolf pet: Nymeria. At Winterfell, Jon Snow leaves for Dragonstone in hopes of getting support of Daenerys Targaryen against the threat of the White Walkers, leaving Sansa in charge. At the Citadel, Sam begins a forbidden treatment for Jorah Mormont's greyscale. Euron Greyjoy's Iron Fleet attacks Yara Greyjoy's, and in the battle, Obara and Nymeria Sand are killed, while Ellaria, Tyene and Yara are captured. Theon Greyjoy flees the carnage in horror.

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