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Jul 3, 2017

Show Rundown: In this week’s episode we welcome our new podcasting friend Mike Richman of the political podcast Nor Cal News Now to talk about the new Edgar Wright movie Baby Driver, and discuss the director’s colorful and hyper-praised career. Is he the Wes Anderson of the geek movie? Then we welcome back Scott Daigle to talk about Twin Peaks. We’re almost half-way through. Is David Lynch’s return to that small Washington logging town just as opaque and random as we feared? Then we welcome back Mike to talk about what we’re dorking out about… We have come to praise Daniel Day Lewis.

Mike's Podcast: Nor Cal News Now


Topic 1: Baby Driver and the work of Edgar Wright

 BIG NEWS! A movie came out this weekend that isn’t part of franchise. It’s not a sequel. It’s not animated. It’s “Baby Driver,” written and directed by Edgar Wright, one of the most creatively successful writer and directors in the 2000s. Starting with the hilarious TV series “Spaced,” which also launched Simon Pegg,” Edgar Wright wrote and directed “Shaun Of The Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” one of my favorite recent movies “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” and “The World’s End.” “Baby Driver” stars Ansel Elgort as a talented young getaway driver with kick-ass soundtrack playing in his iPod who works for heist boss Kevin Spacey. Things get complicated when Baby falls for a waitress (played by Lily James) at his favorite diner and he agrees to one last job. That’s always the thing, right? Love and one last job - it gets you every time. The movie also stars Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx.

 Joining us to talk about “Baby Driver” is Mike Richman from the political podcast NorCal News Now.

Topic 2: Twin Peaks Review… 8 episodes down, 10 to go - that’s almost halfway

In an age of reboots, revivals and reimagined misfires, when David Lynch returned to television with 18 new episodes of his groundbreaking Twin Peaks show on May 21, we were hopeful but also a bit suspicious. Was this going to be an X-Files style return, where what was great about a show long since dead never did return to the new episodes, or was this a Star Trek: The Next Generation style return, where a new and transformed version of the thing we loved lived and breathed beautifully all on its own.

 Well, we promised to return with our thoughts at the halfway point of the season, and we almost have. Eight episodes are down, 10 left to go. So we thought we’d bring our David Lynch loving cohort Scott Daigle, renowned videographer and onetime Lucasfilm mailroom maven to talk about Twin Peaks… has it revolutionized TV again? Does TV need revolutionizing anymore?


What We’re Dorking Out About This Week:

Sonia: Nobody Speak: The Trials Of The Free Press on Netflix

Mike Richman - We have come to praise the not late but great Daniel Day Lewis

Chris’ Dorkiest project yet… The President of the United States Connected Universe


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