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Jun 5, 2017

Rundown: We review the long-awaited Wonder Woman movie with Margo D from the Book vs. Movie podcast and Laura Smith (better half of co-host Christopher Allan Smith). We then revisit our offensiveness/comedy thread in the wake of the Kathy Griffin/Bill Maher controversies this week. And finally, we end our show with what we’re dorking out about this week, including Chris winning another Emmy (really) and the return of Sonia's Old Movies, New Beer podcast.

Topic 1: Wonder Woman Review

Unless you’ve been living on a magically hidden island you know that “Wonder Woman,” directed by Patty Jenkins, opened this weekend. There’s a lot riding on this movie. It’s not just another comic book movie. The DC Cinematic Universe really needs a movie that competes on Marvel’s level - which is a critically acclaimed and long-running franchise. “Wonder Woman” needs to be more than a box office hit, and prove that DC is capable of making a movie that audiences and critics love. And it needs to prove that a female superhero movie will make money. And it’s the first big superhero blockbuster directed by a woman. These are high stakes, and just like women have to do all the time in their careers - Wonder Woman needs to be better a movie and make more money than its male counterparts just to be considered equal. Smith will hate that I said that, but it’s true.

Well, this weekend it made more than $100 million, and it’s the biggest opening for a movie directed by a woman. But is it any good? We’ve brought in reinforcements for this review, a couple of real wonder women, Laura Smith, which is Smith’s better half, and Margo D. from the podcast Book vs. Movie is here to talk about “Wonder Woman” with us.

You can find Book vs. Movie at:


Topic 2: Comedian freedom redux Kathy Griffin/Bill Maher controversy


What We’re Dorking Out About This Week:

Smith Goes To The Emmys

Old Movies, New Beer is back

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